Modular System

Modular Components

  • Laser Diode
  • Laser Diode driver
  • TEC-Cooler or water cooler
  • TEC-Driver if needed


  • Material processing
  • Laser soldering
  • Plastics welding
  • Medical application
  • Pumping solid state and fiber lasers
  • Illumination
  • General purpose laboratory system
  • Selectable fiber coupled Laser Diode     
  • CW and pulse operation
  • Laser ramp function
  • RS232 PC Interface, optional USB
  • User friendly LabVIEW program
  • Interlock function, optional pilot laser
  • Detachable fiber


The modular system contains all necessary components such as the laser diode, the laser diode driver, the laser diode cooler and a TEC-driver. The customer can choose a suitable laser diode regarding his requirement. According to this laser diode, a fitting driver and cooler is chosen. The driver can be a LDC1000 or an OEM device like the LDU1000. According to the laser diode, the cooler can be a COOL30, a  COOL50, a COOL100 or a water cooler. A TEC-driver is needed for a COOL30, a COOL50 or a COOL100.

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