Laser diodes

For example with 12W optical output power, 450nm wavelength, air cooled.


  • Maximum optical output power 12W
  • Wavelength 447nm ±8nm
  • Fiber core 200µm, NA 0.22
  • Fiber connector F-SMA 905


  • Welding
  • Soldering
  • Cutting
  • Engraving

Datasheet download


The laser diodes distributed by our company are well known as high tech tools in industry, medicine and science. They have many different applications, for example soldering, plastic welding or metal cutting.  Due to their high degree of efficiency, the laser diodes are very economic. In addition, only little repair and maintenance is needed, since the laser diodes are very robust and durable. We can offer you a wide range in wavelength and optical output power. You can purchase the laser diode on its own. Alternatively, we offer you a modular system with a cooler for the laser diode and a driver for the cooler and the laser diode. Over this, you can get an integrated system, with the diode, the driver and the cooler all in one single device.

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