Blue laser system

For example with 25W optical output power, 450nm wavelength, air cooled.


  • Maximum optical output power 25W
  • Wavelength 450nm ±10nm
  • Fiber core 400µm, NA 0.22
  • Fiber connector SMA
  • Driver and cooler prepared for the blue laser diode


  • Welding, Soldering, Cutting, Engraving
  • Illumination, Entertainment
  • Heat Treatment
  • Scientific
  • Medical
  • Optical Pumping

The blue laser system is a complete modular laser system. It contains a laser diode with 25W and 450nm, a fitting cooler and a driver for the laser and the cooler. This is everything you need to run the laser. The blue laser system can be used in many applications. It especially succeeds in metal working, like welding, soldering, cutting and engraving. The blue laser with 450nm and 25W can perform in some metal working processes just as good as a laser with 980nm and 75W! Thus, the 450nm laser with 25W needs less electric energy than a 980nm laser with 75W to perform the same task.

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